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One way to use this kit together!
  • Record it: Start by using HearAll to record an inquiry-based discussion about leaves.
  • Explore it: View the various shapes and sizes of the leaves with Luna.
  • Examine it: Next, investigate the cells and veins with Zoomy.
  • Discuss it: Use now!Board with Luna and Zoomy to categorize and list the basic features of the leaves.
  • Document it: Upload the audio recording and save the now!Board pages to your computer and share with parents.
Kit Includes...
LER 1953 - A+ Carry-All
LER 4400 - Luna Interactive Projection Camera
LER 4410 - HearAll Assessment Recorder
LER 4416 - Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope
LER 4500 - now!Board
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