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CPSIA News & Tools: Articles, Related Videos & Podcasts
Read articles published regarding the CPSIA. Articles link directly to news site.
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8-20-09 US Industry Today: Unintended Consequences     4-09-09 NBC 25: Investigates Suspicious Product Removal at Family Dollar
4-16-09 Wall Street Journal: Congress Should Take Risk-Based Approach To Lead-Content Law
4-15-09 Chicago Tribune: Issues of Safety
4-14-09 Children's Museum Fundraiser to take a hit
4-03-09 Manufacturers Urge Change in Product Safety Law
4-02-09 BNA: Product Safety- Businesses, Republican Lawmakers, Others Call For Amendments to Product Safety Law
4-02-09 Women�s Wear Daily: Businesses Seek Change to Product Safety Act 4-08-09 National Fox News Channel: Glenn Beck & Malcolm Smith Interview on Lead Limits
4-01-09 Radanovich Red State Blog: Rally to Change (yay, change!) the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 03-04-09 CBS 11 News: Feds Call For Lead Testing of All Children's Books
3-29-09 Story of My Answering a Call to Action
3-27-09 BNA: CPSIA Pressure Mounts for Congress to Amend Law; Durbin Criticizes Agency Head Nancy Nord 2-20-09 WBFF Fox 45: Cover Story New laws designed to make toys safer for children are proving to be confusing
3-25-09 BNA: Manufacturers Call for Hearings in Congress To CPSIA Deadline, Implementation Problems 2-20-09 CNN Toy tests hike prices
3-05-09 Makers are pushing back on toxic-toy laws 2-11-09 WCVB Channel 5: Retailers race to comply with tainted toy law
3-01-09 Ed Dealer Magazine: Taking Safety Too Far 2-11-09 ABC Channel 40: Local Retailers Struggle with New Child Product Safety Laws
2-21-09 Dr. Seuss meets the CPSIA
2-20-09 Live Journal: Nebraska library quarantines books to comply with CPSIA
2-11-09 The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc: CPSIA Effects Will Be Long-Lasting, Result In Job Loss, Bankruptcy, Manufacturers Say 2-3-09 WCBS Channel 2: NYC protesters: Lead regulations will kill jobs
2-09-09 Lead law causes confusion
2-07-09 The Columbus Recalls spur old-fashioned toy carving 1-14-09 WBALTV .com: Lead Law to Affect Businesses
2-07-09 Recalls spur old-fashioned toy carving
2-07-09 Lead safety up in the air
2-06-09 CPSIA Update: National Bankruptcy Day Approaches 1-14-09 WBALTV .com: New Child Lead Law to Affect Businesses
2-06-09 Toys for Congress - New lead rules hit next Tuesday. Whammo. 1-14-09 WBALTV .com: Raw: Vallese Talks About New Law
2-06-09 The Handmade Toy Alliance Endorses the CPSIA Regulatory Relief Bill 1-10-09 KHNL .com: New lead law on kid's items threatens to close local doll shop
2-06-09 Doll shop closes despite temporary hold on the anti-lead law 1-7-09 MyFoxChicago .com: New Federal Lead Law Could Put Children’s Clothing Stores Under
2-05-09 Will the CPSIA Affect Your Business? 12-16-08 Alliance Wants Congress To Change New Toymaker Law
2-05-09 Clothing and toy makers make new push to delay lead rules 12-16-08 Toy Safety Legislation Hurting Local Toymakers - Miranda Grossman
2-05-09 Lawmaker's want CPSC's chief to step down 12-16-08 Toy Safety Legislation Hurting Local Toymakers - Miranda Grossman
2-4-09 Confusion Over Anti-Lead Law; CPSC Chief Blamed    
2-4-09 Lawmakers Ask Obama to Dump CPSC's Acting Chairman - Melanie Trottman    
2-4-09 New toy safety rules lead to confusion - Parija B. Kavilanz    
2-4-09 The Congress's War on Toys    
2-3-09 WCBS Channel 2: NYC protesters: Lead regulations will kill jobs arrow TV
2-3-09 AM New York : NYC protesters: Lead regulations will kill jobs 12-23-08 New Regulations Trouble Local Toymakers - Michael Henrich
1-31-09 Children's product sellers get 1-year reprieve on lead testing 12-23-08 Small Toy Makers May Get Pinched by New Law
1-30-09 Libraries in suspense over lead regulations 12-22-08 Consumer Safety Law Worries Toy Makers and Retailers - Tina Antolini
1-27-09 Scrap the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act--III 12-17-08 An Easy Way to Check Unsafe Toys for Lead
1-26-09 Bureau of National Affairs: New Law Provides Road Map for CPSC in 2009, but Funding, Other Detours Loom
1-26-09 Good Intentions Gone Awry: The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008
1-22-09 Mattel, Wal-Mart Test Toys as Small Firms Struggle    
1-21-09 New Lead Law May Have Toxic Consequences for Jobs    
1-16-09 Scrap The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act - Walter Olson arrow Blogs
1-15-09 Uncle Sam vs. your favorite toys - The Consumer Product Safety Information Act will crush the life out of children's products. - Rob Wilson     07-25-09 CPSIA Update: Risk, Labels, Politics, Economic Harm
12-16-08 Examples of the widespread concern related to CPSIA
1-15-09 Retail's Dagger In The Heart - Robert Bovarnick     arrow
1-14-09 Pelosi's Toy Story 5-12-09 Presentation of Rick Woldenberg at CPSC Tracking Labels Panel Part 1
5-12-09 Presentation of Rick Woldenberg at CPSC Tracking Labels Panel Part 2
3-06-09 Rick Woldenberg Address At NSSEA 2009-CPSIA Impact
2-21-09 Nancy Nord Address At Toy Fair 2009
1-8-09 Vote to Amend CPSIA at Change org - ChallengeAndFun
1-14-09 The New Using social tools to fight the CPSIA 1-6-09 CPSIA Will Kill Handmade Two - mamaslittlemonkeys
1-12-09 Safety Act Catches Publishers Off Guard- Karen Raugust 1-2-09 New safety rules for children's clothes have stores in a fit - Alana Semuels
1-12-09 Some Toymakers Say Lead Rules Are Too Big a Burden - Shawn Zeller (.pdf)     12-30-08 CPSIA-Save Handmade Toys From the CPSIA- dollarmovies
1-10-09 Is Feb. 10 financial doomsday for thousands? - Chelsea Schilling     12-30-08 CPSIA-Natural Toy Consumers to absorb High Testing Costs ABC12- handcraftivist
1-9-09 Congress bans kids from libraries? - Lissa Harris     12-29-08 CPSIA-Act to keep kids safe may harm businesses- charlottebellis
1-9-09 USAToday : New rules on toys could spell doom - Lea Ann Overstreet and Clay Carey 12-27-08 CPSIA-Tulsa Couple in Trouble - Looming CPSIA Testing casts Gloom on Holidays - handcraftivist
12-26-08 CPSIA-Handmade Baby Booties Illegal?! Selecta Toys Gone - handcraftivist
1-8-09 Denver CPSIA Forum : Close to 40 Colorado businesses met to discuss looming CPSIA regulations yesterday     12-23-08 CPSIA-All the Happy stolen from Fun Dough by Expensive Testing Fox4 Dallas - handcraftivist
1-8-09 New law restricts re-sale of kid's products     12-22-08 CPSIA-Pop Toymaker Hammered by New Law Syracuse NY - handcraftivist
12-23-08 For some toy makers, rules to protect kids may be toxic- Alana Semuels    
12-17-08 New Safety Law No Fun for VT's Artisan Toymakers - Ken Picard     12-18-08 One Senator's Thoughts on the CPSIA- dollarmovies
12-15-08 Small toy stores fear new U.S. regulations; Specialty producers at issue - Donna Goodison     12-17-08 HANDCRAFTER ALERT- Will CPSIA 2008 FORCE Wood TOYMAKER OUT OF BUSINESS? - handcraftivist
12-14-08 Las Vegas Review Journal : The federal government is here to help you - Glen Cook 12-17-08 CPSIA Will Kill the Handmade Industry- theluckypebble
    12-15-08 CPSIA - Mr. Sun - ChallengeAndFun
12-13-08 PatriotLedger: New law to put thousands out of work - Kiki Fluhr     12-13-08 CPSIA-Natural Toymakers Casualty of Lead-Laden Chinese Imports? - handcraftivist
11-25-08 Lawmakers push government to enforce chemical ban in toys - Liz Szabo        
11-24-08 The Journal of Commerce: Retroactivity of product-safety law angers retailers - R.G. Edmonson
11-21-08 Sen. Boxer Says CPSC Got It Wrong on Phthalates- Annys Shin     arrow Podcast
11-19-08 Nancy Nord- Not Going Anywhere, Thank You - Annys Shin     1-9-09 Lead in Toys Podcast - Mark Belling
11-19-08 Toys with phthalates can be sold after U.S. ban takes effect - Liz Szabo        
11-19-08 Some Toys With Banned Plastics Will Stay on Market- Annys Shin    
11-18-08 Vendors Urge Relaxed Lead-Safety Rule - Melanie Trottman        
11-13-08 Federal Safety Regulators Say Toys Safer than Ever - Annys Shin        
11-10-08 Toy Regulations affect direct retailers- Chantal Trodé (.pdf)        
arrow Blogs    
1-31-09 Breathe Easy...Then Call Your Representatives        
1-31-09 CPSIA Stay!: Its Just the Epidural, Folks
1-31-09 CPSIA Stay II
1-21-09 Letters to the Editor: New Lead Law May Have Toxic Consequences for Jobs    
1-12-09 CPSIA - Comments & Observations (.pdf)    
1-8-09 Book burning on Feb. 10th 2009 due to CPSIA - Nora O'Neill        
12-17-08 The Elmo Who Store Christmas - Mark Thompson        
12-17-08 When Good Intentions Go Wrong - Mark Thompson        
12-10-08 Consumer safety rules could drive crafters out of business - Cory Doctorow        
12-10-08 Toy Safety Legislation: Good Intentions Lead to Catastrophic Results for the Natural Toy Industry        
12-10-08 The CPSIA: Good in Theory, Hurting Small, Favorite Green Businesses in Practice        
12-10-08 Is CPSC's New Lead Regulation Going To Wipe Out The Baby Non-Industrial Complex Next February?    
10-31-08 CPSC's New Database: An Opportunity for Abuse?- William A. Ruskin    
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