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August 24, 2011

Learning Resources Inspires Students Through Valuable Internships
Children are fascinated by toys and many of them dream of working in the world of toys. How are they put together? What makes them move? For a few lucky students, this dream is coming true.

July 5, 2011

Learning Resources Donates More Than $250,000 Educational Tools and Materials to Joplin, Missouri Schools
With the effects of the tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri in May still being felt, an Illinois-based educational company has found a meaningful way to help the city's schools that were left in ruins.

February 10, 2011

Learning Resources Fact Sheet Food-Themed Toys And Games
In 2011, Learning Resources introduces a variety of unique toys and games with a food theme. The familiarity and excellent design of these items will open minds and serve up fun with unique "dishes" that are imaginative and effective learning tools.

Learning Resources Fact Sheet Early Science Products
Building on the success of 2010's award-winning Primary Science Set, Learning Resources unveils new items in their hands-on early science line designed to encourage exploration to build scientific skills.

Learning Resources Fact Sheet Family Games
For 2011, Learning Resources introduces a variety of fun-for-the-whole-family games designed to get everyone in on the act of learning and enjoyment. As with all Learning Resources products, these family games provide hands-on educational opportunities that make learning entertaining, helping kids reach their full potential.

Learning Resources Fact Sheet Simple Technologies
For 2011, Learning Resources introduces a line of simple technology products designed to extend classroom learning into the home environment. By bringing 21st technology into the hands of children through simple to use items focused on key early childhood areas, Learning Resources helps children reach new levels of ease and comfort with technology while encouraging further educational exploration with fun, tech-filled tools.

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