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Scaffolded Inquiry Opens The Door To Science Success


Science can be scary if you’re going it alone.  Now more than ever, teachers are looking for expert pedagogical support that will give them the know-how they need to manage a hands-on science classroom efficiently and effectively.  With science testing required by No Child Left Behind on the horizon for 2008, teachers also need a research-based method for ensuring that students are able to understand core science concepts and articulate their knowledge. 


Scaffolded inquiry is a unique model of instruction that helps students become scientific thinkers and achieve science literacy. Dr. Karen Ostlund, Ph.D., a leading authority on scaffolded inquiry, and Dr. Timothy Cooney, Ed.D., science content expert, have developed Flip4Science™, an exciting new set of scaffolded inquiry-based kits for grades K–2. Flip4Science also provides teachers with enough support to become science experts and confident leaders in the inquiry process, while providing students with a solid foundation for science achievement. Crafted by Ostlund (University of Texas at Austin) and Cooney (University of Northern Iowa), all of the hands-on experiments in Flip4Science are aligned with National Science Content Standards.


According to Dr. Ostlund, “as students progress through the Directed and Guided stages of inquiry, the support provided by the teacher diminishes, and student ownership of the investigative process increases.  This developmental process,” says Ostlund, “is essential for students to reach the ultimate goal of conducting science investigations independently—engaging in Full Inquiry.” 

Each Flip4Science kit includes everything required to engage students in hands-on experiments.  The 72-page Teaching Manual features complete, detailed lesson plans that incorporate the scientific method in every lesson, plus student recording sheets.  Objectives, vocabulary, real-world connections and National Science Content Standards are highlighted in each lesson.  Lessons also offer step-by-step guidance for setting up, completing and recording each inquiry activity.  A 16-page, full-color Activity Center Book walks students through the inquiry stages for every activity.  Additionally, each kit comes with 5 Science Journals, where students can record notes, draw illustrations and graph data.  Each kit also includes the manipulatives needed to complete the investigations. 

Hands-on experiments, detailed teacher support materials, and research-based scaffolded inquiry pedagogy make Flip4Science a key resource for the K-2 classroom.  Visit Flip4Science Magnets, Flip4Science Plants & Animals, Flip4Science Weather or Flip4Science Sun, Earth & Moon for more information about these innovative kits.

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