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Learning Resources products are great learning tools and just like any tool, they work best when used to their potential! Here you can find activites for your classroom to bring learning to life. Turn your classroom into an under the sea adventure, a snack shop that delivers sweet sweet number lessons or reinforce early reading, math and science concepts through wild animal-themed activities!

Theme Based Center Activities
Twelve exciting activites based on themes such as "Under the Sea", "Healthy Snack Shop", and "Treat Time". More...
Ocean Activities
Three activities all with under the ocean themes. Introduce your class to animal habitats and their own environment at the same time. Teach life science concepts alongside early math and literacy. More...
Hands-On Science Activities
From the tiniest insect to our entire solar system! Find activities that will educate your students on things large and small with hands-on manipulatives. Magnets, Insects, The Human Body and more! More...
Manipulative-based Activities
Manipulative-based Activities that Engage Young Readers More...
Manipulative-based Math Activities
Try these manipulative-based math activities! More...
Helping ELLs Navigate Classroom Learning
Learning a new language can be a daunting task. Here you can find four activities designed to utalize Learning Resource products to assist ELLs in getting started. More...
Hands-On Standards Activities
Hands-On Standards®: Photo-Illustrated Lessons for Teaching with Math Manipulatives More...
Try These Pocket Chart Activities
Pocket Charts are a great resource for any class. Find some great activities that put them to good use! Math, Science, Grammar, Spanish and Nutrition Pocket Chart activities. More...
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