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Simple Technology FAQs
Easi-Speak™ USB Recorder
LER 4401
Q. I connected the Easi-Speak LER4401 to my computer to charge. After a long time charging, the microphone is still not working (not charged).
A. This is an issue with the internal battery that has malfunctioned- this product should be returned to where it was purchased to get a replacement.

Q. How do I switch between MP3 and WAV formats on the Easi-Speak LER4401?
A. Press and hold the mode button to swap between MP3 & WAV.

Q. I am trying to record on the Easi-Speak LER4401 but the LED flashes red during record and does not seem to record anything.
A. This means your Easi-Speak memory is full and you need to delete some of the files on it. You can connect Easi-Speak to your computer and in the folder MIC_REC folder ensure any tracks you want to save are in there. You can delete from the Easi-Speak directly from your computer if you wish or simply unplug from PC then press and hold the red record button, the status LED will flicker then return to orange (the track will be deleted from memory).

Q. On my Easi-Speak Pro LER4408 I am not able to play, download, record or delete ANYTHING
A. The memory is full and you will need to delete some files. Easi-Speak Pro can only record up to 42 Tracks regardless of length of tracks.

Q. I know I have recorded tracks on Easi-Speak LER4401 but some of them won’t play
A. Tracks may be in the alternative format. Try swapping between MP3 and WAV Formats. Press and hold the mode button to swap between MP3 and Wav formats.

Q. Easi-Speak LER4401 status LED light seems to flash randomly – what does that mean?
A. The battery is low, charge the battery.

Q. Where do I find my recorded files on my Easi-Speak?
A. The tracks you have recorded will appear in the folder MIC_REC. Plug in your Easi-Speak, in the Removable Disk (E :) is where you will see the MIC_REC folder.

Q. My Easi-Speak Pro is not working with the charging hub?
A. Try connecting a single Easi-Speak Pro directly into the USB Port of your computer, taking the hub out of the mix. If Easi-Speak still doesn’t work, it could be defective and replacement is an option.

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