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Simple Technology FAQs
Luna™ Interactive Projection Camera
LER 4400
Q. I cannot seem to get the autofocus to work correctly on my Luna document camera – help!
A. The Luna camera will focus down to about 4". If it is any closer, the autofocus may not work correctly. Test projecting on a 3D object versus a document or page from a book. Try the autofocus adjustment again with each different option.

Q. The Luna is blurry when I am using it with a Smartboard – what’s up?
A. Try hooking up the Luna without the Smartboard in the mix. Adjust your projector’s position, zoom and focus settings. Make sure the computer’s video resolution settings match your projector’s native resolution.

Q. I am having an internal camera conflict when I’m using Luna - how can a fix this?
A. Make sure when you are in the Open the Luna application and look under “devices”. Make sure the Integrated Webcam is not checked and that the USB 2.0 camera is checked.

Q. I have the Luna plugged in but the light does not come on.
A. The light should come on whenever the Luna is connected to an active USB port. If it does not light up, then try another USB port. Some older computers have USB1 ports which may not be able to deliver enough power.

Q. My Windows PC is not recognizing the Luna – what’s happening?
A. It could be an old driver replacing the Luna driver. To check that the correct driver is installed, click Start>>Control Panel>>Device Manager>>Imaging Devices. Continue trouble-shooting by uninstalling & reinstalling software, then plug Luna back in. Finally, see if Luna works with another machine.

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