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Exploring Trees with Easi-Speak
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Materials: Easi-Speak™,
paper and
Skills: Listening, Speaking, Observing,

Grades: K-1
Small Group
10-15 Minutes
1. Take a walk with a group of students around the schoolyard. Hold Easi-Speak during the walk. Record yourself describing properties of a tree, such as how tall a tree looks, the color of its leaves or needles, or the texture of the bark.
2. Give Easi-Speak
to individual
students and have
them take turns
describing and
recording what they
observe about trees.
Have students
compare the similarities
and differences of the trees and leaves. Prompt students with discussion about the way bark looks, if a tree has leaves or needles, how tall a tree is, or where a tree is growing.
3. Download the Easi-Speak recording to your computer. Play the recording for students and ask each student to draw a picture of a tree he or she saw outside. Have students include details such as bark, leaves, and the trees habitat in their drawings.
4. Add the downloaded recording to students; digital portfolios and listen for students to make comparisons between different types of trees. Email the recording to families and caregivers as a quick snapshot of their child's progress.
Take a walk around the schoolyard during different seasons of the year to observe and record changes in the trees that come with the different seasons. Have students listen to the Easi-Speak recording and draw pictures of their observations. Students compare drawings across seasons.
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