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Reporting on Favorites with Easi-Speak™
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Materials: Easi-Speak™
Skills: Listening, Speaking, Gathering
           and Recording Data

Grades: 2-3
15-20 Minutes
1. Give pairs of students Easi-Speak and the
attached recording sheet. Demonstrate how to
poll students with Easi-Speak.
2. Have students work
in pairs to collect
data from their
classmates. Allow
children to use their
own question to poll
students and gather
data or suggest a
question such as,
What is your favorite
flavor of ice cream,
vanilla, chocolate, or other?
three categories for data collection.

3. One student is the Reporter. Have students go
around the classroom and ask their question to
five students. The reporter asks the question and
records the response with Easi-Speak.

4. After the data is collected, have students listen
to the recording together. Ask students if they
can interpret the
data they collected
by listening to the

5. Since it may be
challenging for
students to
interpret data from
the audio recording
only, have students
create a tally chart
using the attached sheet to show the results. The second student fills in the sheet. Reinforce for students why a data chart or table is used to help interpret information that is gathered.
6. Use the recording and chart to assess if students are able to gather, record, and interpret results.
7. If students are proficient with creating a tally chart, have them create a bar graph or table to display the results.
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