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Luna™ Word Wall
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10-15 Minutes
Materials: Luna™,
computer, index cards, foam alphabet letters, stick-on notes
Skills: Spelling, Vocabulary, Content-
           area reading, Prior knowledge,
           Compare and contrast
Grades: 1-5
Small Group
Whole Class
1. Demonstrate for
students how to
use Luna.
2. Spelling: Have
students develop a
spelling strategy
and use Luna to
teach it to the class.
Students write each
word on a card and
lead the class in a
word sort or place
scrambled foam
letters on a table
and challenge
classmates to
guess and spell
the word.

3. Reading Skills:
Have students
create their own
word walls to record
words they know
about a topic. Use Luna to share students' word walls with the class. Compare and contrast the lists. Have students add words from the projected words to their own lists.
4. Vocabulary: Use Luna to display a list of words. Give students cards with definitions for the words. Challenge students to work together to define each word or write a sentence with the term on the word wall.

5. Content-area Reading: At the end of a unit have students create word walls on paper or with a computer. Use Luna to display each word wall and make a comprehensive class word wall.
6. Give specific feedback regarding how well a student demonstrated his or her knowledge of a subject. Photograph students word walls and add them to portfolios for conference time, or upload photos to your class website.
7. Encourage further reflection by using Luna to show the class a KWL (What I Already Know, What I Want to Know, What I have Learned) chart. Provide students with stick-on notes. Have students write their input on the notes and add them to the chart.
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