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A Twist™ on Exploring Skin
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10-15 Minutes
Materials: Twist™,
Projector or TV
Skills: Observation, Inferring,

Grades: 2-4
Small Group
Whole Class
1. Ask students if they know why we have skin covering our bodies. Allow time for students to generate answers and provide responses. Ask: Is skin the same on all the parts of our body? Have students provide answers and reasoning behind their answers.
2. Have a volunteer
come to the front of
the class. Use Twist
to get a close look
and picture of the
child's skin on the
back of his or her
hand. Discuss what
is observed. 3. Ask
the students if the
skin will look different
in the palms of the child's hands.

4. Use the Twist to provide a view of the skin on the child's palm. Take a picture and compare the skin from the palm to the skin on the back of the hand. Discuss why there is a difference.
5. Ask the students
to make predictions
about skin on the
forearm, the cheek,
and even the
bottom of the foot.
Take pictures with
Twist and discuss
the differences.
6. Have the students describe the skin based on the observations made using Twist. Students write short explanations as to why the skin is different on different areas of the body. Use the descriptions to assess students' investigative and observational skills. Share descriptions with parents at conference time.
7. Have the students use Twist to investigate how the skin can be damaged and how it heals. Have volunteers show small nicks, cuts, scratches they may have.
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