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Micro Measures with Twist™
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10-15 Minutes
Materials: Twist™,
ruler, pattern blocks,
small paper clip, paper
and pencil
Skills: Metric units of measurement,

Grades: 4-6
Small Group
Whole Class
1. Ask students to identify measurements in the metric system that measure length. Have students explain why we need different-sized units. Introduce the concept of millimeters, if necessary.

2. Place a ruler
under Twist so the
students can see
approximately five
full centimeters.
Take a snapshot of
the five centimeters.
Then lower Twist
and focus in on one
centimeter. Take a
snapshot of the
3. Open both snapshots and place the images side by side. Ask the students to determine the number of millimeters there are in a centimeter. Compare the two snapshots to help with the concept.

4. Place the paper clip under the Twist and ask the students to estimate the length. Have students predict if the paper clip will measure a full centimeter or part of a centimeter. Place the ruler beside the paper clip
and focus the Twist so the students can read the measurement. Help students determine the length in millimeters.

5. Provide the
students with
several Pattern
Blocks and a ruler.
Have them measure
the blocks in
millimeters and
record their
measurements on
the attached sheet.
Have students
share measurements
with the class and
model how they
determined the measurement by using Twist to show the process. Repeat several times.
6. Use snapshots from students' measurements with Twist to document their estimation and measurement skills.
7. If students are ready, introduce the concepts related to writing measurements to the nearest tenth of a millimeter and have students practice with the aid of Twist.
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