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Visual learners think in pictures or images.
They organize information they receive through visualization techniques and are likely to learn things as a "whole" as opposed to sequentially. They can remember what they see, but forget what they hear. They have a hard time following auditory instructions and they like to see the "big picture" before learning the details, which they can tend to miss. Read more visual information >

Using visual aids like charts, graphs, pictures, and flash cards, as well as manipulatives or products they can put their hands on, will help visual learners use their strongest learning style. Anything they can see can help them grasp a concept, by helping them visualize how it comes together or works. Using colors and color coding appeals to visual learners.

Toys visual learners will be attracted to include Mental Blox and iTrax, which are great for visual learners and support whole-family play.
iTrax™ Game
LER 9279
Hear Their Story
I think the name of this product fits well because I see every day that family really does 'count.' This set gets kids thinking, counting and opening up to imaginative play. -Kerry B., Child Life Specialist, Chicago, IL
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