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Children become more independent as they learn to do things for themselves.
Self-help skills are basic life skills needed for daily living. Children become more independent as they learn to do things for themselves, solve problems, and experience success. Self-help skills are learned at a young age and continue to be used throughout life. Children gain an understanding of life skills by imitating others and through hands-on exploration and practice. Some common self-help skills have to do with dressing, eating, and grooming. Read more Self-Help skills information >

Help children learn and reinforce self-help skills through hands-on games and activities that teach them time & money, or encourage them to develop healthy eating habits.

Toys that help promote self-help skills include:
Hear Their Story
Once an activity is done, he gets to record it by using the recordable frames. This also gives me an opportunity to get some feedback from him on his day. The Talk-Bar showed me that my son can be more than a passive participant in his daily routine and allows him to transition, lowering the stress level for both of us. –Jeanine B., Mother of 10 year old Kai who has autism, Chicago, IL
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