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Big Time™ Demonstration Clock

Big Time™ Demonstration Clock

Item #LER 2094  | Ages 5+
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Product Description

This 12-Hour demonstration clock is a great way to help kids grasp time-telling skills. A hidden mechanism maintains correct hour and minute relationships. This clock has easy-to-ready hour and minute markings. There is also a removable stand.


     • Demonstration clock
     • Activity guide

Clock measures 13.25”H

Grades: Kindergarten+

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Measurement & Data

Learning Style: Visual, Tactile

Skill Development:

Math- Provides students with beginning math skills like order and prediction. Students can utilize the clock to reinforce numbers and time remaining, as numbers are easy-to-see and identify; minute and hour hands are color-coded.

Fine Motor- Isolated finger movements are engaged using the pointer finger to move the hour and minute hands to their punctual positions.
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