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Easi-Speak™ PRO USB Recorder Set of 5 with Charging Hub

Easi-Speak™ PRO USB Recorder Set of 5 with Charging Hub

Item #LER 4417  | Ages 4+
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Product Description

Small-group set with handy hub keeps your 5 Easi-Speak™ PROs charged and ready to go! Record, replay and download up to 4 hours of audio per mic. Share files with parents or other educators, or upload to digital portfolios for assessment. LCD menu screen on each microphone for easy file management and editing—shows track number, battery life, memory and recording format (WAV or MP3). Students strive to improve their listening and speaking skills as they record presentations, reports, interviews, podcasts, fluency readings, math facts, interventions, authentic assessments and more. Grades 3–12.

In addition to the popular features of Easi-Speak™, Easi-Speak™ Pro features:

  • Single-touch record, simple playback (WAV or MP3)

  • Integrated USB and rechargeable lithium battery

  • LCD screen with a fully integrated menu system, showing the track number playing, battery life, memory status and recording format

  • Dual headphone sockets

  • Belt clip to attach to clothing

  • Designed in a modern metallic silver casing, the Easi-Speak™ Pro is attractive to students and teachers alike.
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