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Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set
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Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set

Ages 3+

Develop color recognition and sorting skills with bushels of realistic, relationally sized produce. Perfect for dramatic play and nutrition lessons too.


     • 25 foods
     • 5 baskets
     • 5 stickers for labeling – red, yellow, orange, green and purple
     • Activity guide

Baskets measure 4”H x 5.5”D

Grades: PreK+

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Counting & Cardinality, Measurement & Data, Operations & Algebraic Thinking

Learning Styles: Tactile, Visual

Skill Development:

Math – Brushes up on early math skills by counting each piece as it's tossed into a basket.

Basic Concepts - Five colors and 25 pieces of produce can give students a bushel full of knowledge as they identify and name the objects or group and sort by kind or color.

Language - Play games to incorporate receptive and expressive language skills. Request a particular color or fruit, "I want three green vegetables" or ask the student if he has a certain food. If he does not have it, have him identify what he does have to offer. Verbal exchanges through play help students process language and practice responding with their voice.
LER 3060
Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set
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