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Radius® Audio Learning System
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Radius® Audio Learning System

Ages 3+
The innovative Radius® Audio Learning System combines the benefits of an interactive CD with advanced digital card-reading capabilities to create a whole new teaching platform! Intuitive system is ideal for self-directed learning: students insert a CD, scan an Activity Card and listen to the instructions. Content-rich interactive lessons are supported by sound, LCD images and Activity Card text. Audio recording feature allows students to record and play back up to two minutes of their own speech. Students may work independently or in a group of up to four classmates using headphones for quiet lessons. Perfect for centers! Plays Radius® CDs or any standard audio CDs. Features one speaker jack (channel speakers available separately) and four headphone jacks. Portable system measures 11" x 8" x 4" and comes in a protective carrying case. Aligned with Put Reading First, Title I and Title III of No Child Left Behind. Read More
LER 6910
Radius® Audio Learning System
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