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Reading Mentor™ Letters & Sounds Activity Cards

Reading Mentor™ Letters & Sounds Activity Cards

Item #LER 7011  | Ages 3-5
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Amplify the Reading Mentor™'s abilities with double-sided Activity Cards! These specially designed, colorful cards give students language-building activities they can perform with Reading Rods® and then self check with the Reading Mentor™. Even non-readers can follow the directions by recognizing the consistent icons on every card. Activity Cards integrate listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will develop alphabet, phonemic and phonological awareness by learning uppercase and lowercase letters, sounds and letter-sound relationships. They will also practice producing sounds, segmenting and identifying initial sounds, and building very simple words. Each set includes 24 double-sided Activity Cards and one double-sided, teacher's instruction card. Aligned with Put Reading First and Title I of No Child Left Behind.
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