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Ready, Set, Move™ Classroom Activity Set

Ready, Set, Move™ Classroom Activity Set

Item #LER 1883  | Ages 4+
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Product Description

Get up and get moving! Fun exercise set takes active learning to a whole new level. Stand on the colored circle mats and roll the jumbo cubes to see which exercise to do and how many times. Use this versatile activity set to create student groups or encourage student response as you roll the color cube and call on students.


     • 25 foam circle mats in 5 colors
     • 3 inflatable cubes – depicting exercises, colors, numbers
     • Activity guide

Circles measure 10”D, cubes measure 5”

Grades: PreK+

Learning Styles: Kinesthetic, Auditory

Skill Development:

Social & Behavioral- Students learn to play together, share space while staying on their own individual mats, and work as a team when playing in groups. Teachers can encourage student response, focus, and attention when rolling the color cube to call on students!

Gross Motor- Roll the cubes to get students’ motors going to take on the jumping jacks, toe touches, squats, and more. The movement is fun and strengthens muscles, circulation, and breathing.
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