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Spanish Alphabet Books (Alfa-libritos), A–Z

Spanish Alphabet Books (Alfa-libritos), A–Z

Item #LER 7061  | Ages 3+
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Each unique book introduces a different letter of the Spanish alphabet, including ch, ll and ñ, and teaches letter recognition and letter-sound correspondence. Little books feature bold, colorful pictures and related basic vocabulary words that begin with the focus letter. Spanish alphabet and beginning phonics concepts are reinforced through hands-on phonics activities in the back of each book. In the activities, students use Letras y Dibujos (Spanish Letters and Pictures) Reading Rods®, sold separately (LER 7034), to practice matching letters with pictures that have the same initial sound. Color-coded text helps students differentiate consonants (purple) and vowels (green). Content, words and activities align with current research on how native Spanish-speaking children acquire literacy skills. Set contains 28 books, one book per letter in the Spanish Alphabet (X and W are combined in one book), plus a Teaching Guide. Read More
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