Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks Walk is an inspirational and impactful opportunity to raise money and awareness to help change the future for all those who struggle with autism. Participating in Autism Speaks Walk empowers you to make a difference and provides you with an opportunity to honor someone with autism. Everyone is touched by autism in a different way.

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Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks

We’re Lighting It Up Blue on for Autism Awareness Month in April!

We are shining this bright blue light in honor of the millions of individuals and families affected by autism – and are uniting in support with thousands of iconic landmarks, businesses and homes across the globe.

Autism Speaks

One of a Kind Kids… Help Them Shine

Children on the Autism spectrum face unique challenges and have diverse needs but are each brilliant in their own way. Bring out the best in these special kids with hands-on tools that help them flourish!

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