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Thank you for your interest in Learning Resources. Learning Resources frequently works with developers, authors, and publishers like yourself on new products and publications. We are an educational materials manufacturer and publisher. Learning Resources is constantly developing and marketing new educational products and publications.

By agreeing to review your submission, Learning Resources cannot give up any of its rights to develop, market, manufacture or sell educational materials now or in the future, or to continue the development of materials already in progress, that relate to the same educational area, theme or concept or take the same teaching approach as the information you may provide in your submission form.

No obligation of any kind is assumed by, nor may be implied against, Learning Resources unless and until a formal written contract has been entered into, and then the obligation shall be only such as is expressed in the formal written contract executed by an officer of Learning Resources.

Your disclosure to Learning Resources is purely voluntary and no confidential relationship is to be established by such disclosure or implied from our consideration of the information provided by you in the Product Submission form.

We assure you that we intend to deal fairly with you in connection with your disclosure. If you are willing to disclose your product information to Learning Resources under these conditions, please click the "I Accept" button below.

By choosing "I Accept", filling out and submitting the Product Submission form below you indicate that you accept the terms and conditions set forth in the paragraph above. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the paragraph above, please choose "Disagree".


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