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Learning Resources Expands Product Offering To Include Technology

Simple Technology Line Designed for Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms

Vernon Hills, IL (April 18, 2012) – Learning Resources, a leading global manufacturer of educational products, introduces the Simple Technology product line, which delivers unique, multisensory learning experiences for students in grades preK-8. Aligned with 21st century learning and innovation skills, including critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, the affordable technology tools are designed to be easy to use for both teachers and students.

"Adding a touch of technology to their lessons shouldn't be a challenge for today's teachers," said Wendy Zachrisen, educational marketing manager at Learning Resources. "With the introduction of this new product line, teachers now have access to simple, cost-effective technology tools designed to engage young students with multiple learning styles. In the end, our goal is to bring 21st century skills within reach of every classroom around the world."

The Simple Technology line supports early childhood development by helping students build a concrete foundation of skills through exploration, imagination and fun. In addition, the hands-on technology tools enable educators to implement a multisensory teaching approach to help students learn through a combination of sight, hearing and touch. Field-tested in thousands of classrooms nationwide, the products can be implemented across the curriculum in subjects such as math, reading and science.

Highlights of the company's new Simple Technology line include the Zoomy™ handheld digital microscope, the Easi-Speak™ USB recorder, and the Luna™ interactive projection camera. The Zoomy handheld microscope captures photos, records videos and displays magnified digital images on any computer screen. Easi-Speak is a handheld USB-rechargeable digital recorder that can store up to four hours of high-quality audio. Luna is a document camera that serves as both a web cam and a digital photo/video camera. Other product offerings include the Twist™ flexible digital microscope and HearALL™ assessment recorder.

"The Simple Technology products, such as Zoomy, Easi-Speak and Luna, have enabled me to differentiate instruction at many levels for my students," said Chris Triola, sixth grade math teacher and STEM instructor at General McLane School District in Edinboro, Pa. "The implementation of these technology tools at my district allows teachers to enrich and extend their lessons, which help motivates students to learn."

As a recent example, Triola implemented Zoomy and Luna in his sixth grade math classroom to look for stress fractures in underwater robotics units that were not functioning properly. Triola attests to the positive impact the Simple Technology tools are having on his students' achievement and academic development.

"My students love using these products in the classroom," said Triola. "The Simple Technology tools fit perfectly into an inquiry approach to teaching. Every time a student uses one of these products, they are inspired to dive deeper into the lessons and gain a greater understanding of the concepts being taught."

About Learning Resources
Learning Resources is a leading global manufacturer of educational products that deliver unique multisensory learning experiences. For more than 25 years, teachers and parents have trusted the company's award-winning products to turn their classrooms and homes into creative and motivational environments where children find joy in learning and reach their full potential. Learning Resources is headquartered in Vernon Hills, Ill., with a European office based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England. For more information, visit or call 1-800-333-8281.

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