The 100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is fast approaching. Are you ready to make the day a special celebration of fun and learning? Let us help you prepare for the big day with these great, hands-on activities!

  1. Count to 100 by 1s, 5s, or 10s. Our Base 10 sets give students uniformly-sized, tangible pieces to count. Or count together with eyes up front on the Hundred Pocket Chart.
  2. Work on probability with 100 Snap Cubes. Count and Place 100 Snap Cubes of varying colors in a brown bag. Shake it up and determine, what is the probability that you'll pull out a yellow?
  3. Weigh-in on 100. Use the Precision School Balance with Weights or the Classroom Compact Scale to determine the weight of 100 dried beans, 100 counters, or 100 pennies. Or how many pennies weigh 100 grams?
  4. Jump into counting. Get the whole body moving with 100 jumping jacks or 100 giant steps down the hall. Or use those big muscles to hop on our oversized hundreds board - the Hundreds Activity Mat.
  5. Journal your 100 thoughts. Use Writing Journals to have kids write answers to questions like, "What would you do with $100?" "How could you take care of 100 puppies?" "What if you were 100 feet tall? Or "What would the world be like when you are 100 years old?"
  6. Draw 100. For younger students, use Make a Story Journals to draw a picture incorporating the number 100 in it and then write a story based on their drawing.
  7. Keep tally. Divide students into groups and give each group 2 Hands-On Soft™ Dot Dice. Have them roll the dice and keep a tally. The first team that reaches 100 wins. Or roll dice 100 times and create a bar graph with how many times each number came up. The soft dice are easy on the ears and keep this a quiet classroom activity.
  8. Create a paper chain with 100 links. Then line up Measuring Worms next to the paper chain to add how long it is.
  9. Make a smorgasbord stew! Grab a very large bowl or container and have young students take turns tossing play food, one by one, into the stew. Our Classroom Play Food Set has just the right number of foods to celebrate 100! Divvy up the foods to your students and count each piece as it is added. Stir it up and add your own spice of language and laughter!
  10. Propel a car 100 inches. A great STEM activity for your students! Using recyclables, like cardboard tubes, rubber bands, sticks, and milk jug caps, create a car that can self propel 100 inches. Measure the distance with a Tape Measure.