Try These Pocket Chart Activities

Activity Idea 1: Start with Sorting to Introduce Math

Sorting and Patterning (Grades PreK–1)

Start sorting skills early with the Sorting & Patterning Pocket Chart to group things by theme, like color or animal. Once they've got the hang of it, students can advance to sorting insects in the Let's Tackle Math!™ Patterning & Sequencing Set. Graduate to the Super Sorting Set with Activity Cards when they're ready for more complicated multi-step directions.

Activity Idea 2: Tasty, Good-for-Them Ideas

Nutrition (Grades K–2)

Take an inventory of lunch box fare by asking children to show what they brought with cards in the Food Healthy Helpings™ MyPlate Pocket Chart . Then, start a discussion about healthier choices. Older or more advanced students can build their own menus in the Healthy Helpings™ MyPlate Game. Use their menus to advocate changes school wide! Keep the momentum going by infusing the New Sprouts® Healthy Snack Set into their play areas. In small groups, the Magnetic Healthy Foods set lets children easily replace unhealthy foods with nutritious options.

Activity Idea 3: Sturdy Paragraph Construction with the Write Tools

The Writing Process (Grades 1–3)

How is a hamburger like a paragraph? Use the Hamburger Sequencing Pocket Chart to show how the opening and closing are like the bun, holding everything together, while the body is the meat of the paragraph. Use the Creative Writing Flip Chart to inspire story starters and to teach the necessary ingredients of a good tale. Start students on the right literary path by using Reading Rod® Sentence Building Kit which can help children identify parts of speech and use appropriate grammar in their written stories.

Activity Idea 4: Confidence Builders for Spanish Speakers

Recognizing Word Parts (Grades 1–3)

Help Spanish speakers gain a better understanding of word parts through sound-to-text recognition in their native language using El Centro de las Sílabas (Spanish Syllables) Pocket Chart. El Libro Grande de las Sílabas (Spanish Syllables Big Book) aids in whole-class guided practice. Reinforce word building with the Mar de Sílabas™(Sea of Syllables) Game, where children search the "sea" for syllables that will combine with the space they land on to create words. Follow up with Reading Rods® Fonética y Vocabulario (Phonics & Vocabulary) Kit so kids can work their way through more advanced skills on their own or in groups with audio CDs and activity cards. Or, guide the whole class through an exercise with overhead tiles.