10 Tips to Organize Your Classroom for Maximum Efficiency

  1. Label the pockets of the Organization Station® with each child's name, and right away they'll know where to turn in homework, collect handouts, or correspond with you. Have students write their own goals at the beginning of each unit or quarter. Then, return their goals after the final assessment.

  2. Use Simple Technology to manage and maximize center-based learning: Record short instructions for students on a Talk Block™, then set them up for individual practice with a Talk Board™. Easi-Speak™ USB Recorders provide an extra set of "ears" at centers, allowing you to assess later on or create digital portfolios.

  3. Display the daily schedule with the Daily Schedule Pocket Chart and let everyone know what's coming next. Keep it up for a substitute or use it to head off confusion when schedules change! Mount a Talk Board™ near the door or board and record short reminder messages for the day.

  4. Give students the opportunity to power share without leaving their desks! Use Luna™ to project student or group work onto a screen, turning desktop projects into interactive opportunities. Then, take photos/videos of the work to save or upload to your class website or virtual learning network.

  5. Manage student grouping or organize how you call on students with Student Grouping Pencils. Use the color, number or shape on the pencils to title your reading or math groups and keep classroom management consistent at centers.

  6. Be eco-friendly and efficient! Write & Wipe Pockets turn every page into a reusable learning activity. Center Signs allow you to label learning centers and keep activities organized. Check understanding at a glance by having students write their answers on versatile Write-On/Wipe-Off Answer Boards. When students show their boards, you'll see who needs help without putting anyone on the spot.

  7. Maximize your time with individual students and differentiate instruction across the curriculum by setting up centers where classmates can work without direct supervision. RadiusĀ® Audio Learning System engages four students at once with interactive CDs, activity cards (with corresponding digital audio content) and headphone capability for the whole group.

  8. Help students organize their thoughts and challenge them to think critically with the 2-in-1 Graphic Organizer Pocket Chart. The Venn diagram and T-chart are cross-curricular and easy to update, with storage pockets on the back to hold extra cards.

  9. Use tools like Magnetic Tabletop Pocket Chart to prep portable lessons. Get ready for the week by filling the storage pockets on Friday, then on Monday, grab it by the handle and take the whole lesson with you to small group activities or other classrooms.

  10. Organize the fun in your curriculum! Mix math and sports with a game like Smart Toss™ to get kids moving. Use the Time Tracker® Visual Timer & Clock to keep them productive to the last minute or to play beat the clock at clean-up time.