Keep Your New Year's Resolutions Strong All Year Long with Help from Learning Resources®

At this time of year, people pause to reflect on the past year and look forward to the flip of the calendar. It's also a time to think about things you may want to do or accomplish in the next 12 months. Do you want to eat right and stay healthy? Get organized? Learn money management? Spend more time with family and friends? Whether your resolutions are lifestyle changes for health or for family togetherness, we've got a few ideas up our sleeve to make them easy to keep and fun for your whole family.

Here are a few tips to help keep your New Year's resolutions going strong all year long!

  1. Healthy eating is a way of life and something that's important to model for your children. Take a look at our New Sprouts® food sets. Let health become a part of imaginative play and watch that play reinforce valuable lessons.

  2. Reduce stress seems to be a tall order, but always well worth the effort to show your children how much happier and healthier you feel when you find ways to manage your work and life stress. Help your children similarly learn to process and release the stress they may feel from school. Use your hands and mind to build Gears! Gears! Gears!® sets with them. Your joint focus turns from mental overload to creative synergy -and the rhythmic rotation is soothing!

  3. Spend time together. Nowadays kids and adults alike are so busy that it's important to "schedule" time to be together, relax, and have fun. Make sure to add time to play into your daily calendar. Transform your living room into a campground with the Pretend & Play® Camp Set and tell stories by the campfire from the New Sprouts® Camp Out!

  4. Get organized. No matter how much time you have, it helps to organize your day/week to maximize more time for fun. You'd be amazed at how the simplest of tricks can have a lifelong impact. Play with the Sorting Suitcase™ with your kids, letting them match shorts, shirts, socks, and shoes. Now go to their rooms and have them organize by matching socks and shoes, and placing shirts and shorts in designated drawers.

  5. Be money wise. A lesson to start early and reinforce every chance you get! Take a look at our Buy it Right™ Shopping Game and Money Bags™ A Coin Value Game to help children understand simple finances. Or discover our Pretend & Play® Teaching Cash Register that recognizes real coins. Use it to simulate store purchases, learn how to spend money wisely, and make change.

  6. Lessen screen time is a lesson we all need to learn! When engrossed in TVs, smartphones, and tablets, interactions with others are lessened, and eyes and minds don't get a chance to stretch. Help your kids' eyes, and yours, focus far, and have fun with others by playing a game of Smart Toss™ Bean Bag Tossing Game or Crocodile Hop™ Floor Game.

  7. Improve concentration is a skill worth working on to help process and control mood, problem solve more effectively, and boost learning. Mental Blox Game, Mental Blox 360° 3-D Building Game, and Color Cubed Strategy Game are great games to test skill, improve focus, and strengthen concentration!

  8. Clean out the past year's dust to start January spick and span. And while you clean closets, get your kids in on the action with New Sprouts Clean It! Sized right for little hands, this set can help children pitch in to help with the housework.

  9. Learn something new. Test your green thumb with the Primary Science Outdoor Science Set; learn how to build simple machines, or explore the solar system up close with the Giant Inflatable Solar System or far away with the Primary Science™ Big View Telescope. Learning something new can lead to a lifelong hobby or future career choice.

  10. Helping others is a terrific way for kids to learn empathy. Pretend & Play Animal Hospital or Pretend & Play® Doctor Set give kids the tools and opportunity to learn and practice how to help others.

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