Ignite Interest in STEM

Have you ever asked your children what they want to be when they grow up? Their answers come from what they have been exposed to. Some kids want to be football players or baseball players. Where does this come from? Because they play in leagues and find they like it. It has sparked their interest to want to go further–to learn more. They are discovering the possibilities for their future adult selves and having fun in the process.

When it comes to what excites toddlers... “the sky’s the limit.” With their thirst for knowledge, now is the perfect time to introduce them to the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). STEM provides a framework for looking at the world with an eye towards solving problems. It exposes children to different real world possibilities so they can discover new passions and help them answer the question: “What do I want to do when I grow up?”

How about a veterinarian or astronaut? Some kids play as a doctor saving animals — or a plush pal — while others put on their "moon boots" and explore the stars on a spacewalk. That’s a spark that can and should be used to ignite passion.

The kindling you add to fuel that passion are:

  1. The home activities you do together
  2. Science fair projects at school
  3. Volunteering at animal shelters
  4. Site visits to see what veteraniarians or astronauts do

As a parent you can share your child’s sense of wonder. Start with activities that create a wow factor:

  1. Add baking soda to vinegar to inflate a balloon with gas.
  2. Build a birdhouse for your yard. Measure to make sure the walls are symmetrical and create the roof to prevent water from changing your birdhouse to a birdbath.
  3. Make cookies and double the batch to add elements of why math is important in real life situations.

STEM is thinking through real life problems, identifying solutions, and making them work. The more children are exposed to, the bigger their world of possibilities becomes. Let them dream without limits and blaze new trails bringing along the tools of science, technology, engineering, and math.

At Learning Resources, we will continue our commitment to develop educational products that help you, your children, and their teachers discover the magic and mystery of our world. We have a large selection of STEM activities and products to expose children to different concepts and help kindle their spark.

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