If you're like most families, your kids can't wait for Halloween. They're talking about what they're going to be… how much trick or treating they're going to do… and how much fun they're going to have.

But did you know that learning can be a huge part of the fun? It's true! When kids put on costumes, it's actually a great chance for them stretch their imaginations — and develop important skills. Here's how...

Seeing New Perspectives

Playing dress up opens the door to imaginative play and help kids discover and learn about themselves — what they feel, who they are, and how they figure out their world.

Even better, role playing helps kids understand how others think and feel. Shy kids can pretend to be a superhero… or even the president of the United States. As kids become those characters, they begin to see things from other perspectives. This helps kids develop empathy for others and gain a sense of control over themselves.

Gaining Confidence

When kids act out stories, it gives them a way to work out something that is bothering them. Whether it's a fear or situations that they don't quite understand, pretending can help them be more confident and find a solution.

Masks and costumes help children feel protected, and make it easier for them to face new challenges. Costumes help them feel brave enough to do things they might not otherwise do… and say things they might not normally say. That's because they are not talking as themselves — they are talking through the veil of a costume.

Unleashing Creativity

Costumes are the perfect way to encourage creativity. Imaginative play lets kids think outside of the classroom and normal routine. They can become an astronaut walking on Mars or a fairy princess with a magical wand.

Creativity is like a muscle: the more your kids use it, the stronger it will become. And creative thinking is a driving force for solving all problems, so this “child's play” has applications even when they no longer strap on a cape or slide on glass slippers.

So when your dinner conversation turns to costumes, let the ideas flow and know that they can help kids gain control, conquer fears, and develop creativity. Halloween is the perfect backdrop to explore imaginative play!

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