Halloween Treat Alternatives – Treats that Aren't Tricky

As popular as candy is at Halloween, too much of it is always a concern for parents who worry about food allergies or healthy bodies and strong teeth. So, consider these fun alternatives to hand out to the little ghosts and goblins at your door this year.

Cook up a Witch's Brew

Kids will love sticking their hands in your glowing caldron of worms, frogs, bugs, spiders and critters of all sorts. Put a couple of glow sticks at the bottom of your cauldron and stir it with a skeleton hand to create special effects. Let kids use grabbers to pick up a wiggly worm or slimy frog without touching it.

Add Lights and Sound

Add spooky chills to your party with Buzzers and Bleeperz that make all sorts of silly sounds or recordable howls and screeches. Also, consider giving out kazoos, glow-in-the dark bracelets, rings or even vampire fangs for an eerie addition to the night.

Let the Fun Continue

Small costume elements like fake mustaches and tattoos let kids continue dressing up and celebrating long after Halloween is just a memory.

Be Practical

When the spooktacular night is over, life goes back to normal. But useful items like Halloween-themed pencils or school supplies allow the experience to linger a little longer.

Look for the Teal Pumpkins

Homes across the country are placing teal-painted pumpkins on their porches to let trick-or-treaters and their parents know that they have treats that are safe for their kids with food allergies.

Buy Back the Candy

Even with treat alternatives, your kids will still come home with loads of candy. Be ready when the trick or treating is done to open your own “store” of healthy snacks, useful items or toys you know your kids will enjoy. Let them trade some of the candy in their bag for stuff that's better for them!

Here's a list of our top picks for a calorie-free, cavity-free, allergy-free holiday. These are great for trick-or-treaters, classroom parties or special friends.

Have a hauntingly good time without worrying about the impact of too much sugar.

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