Parent-Teacher Conferences: 7 Questions Moms & Dads Need To Ask

Have a parent teacher conference coming up? It’s a great opportunity for you to get the information you need to help your child have a successful school year… and learn more about how you can help support their academic success at home.

Check out these 7 questions that can help you make the most of your parent-teacher conference:
  1. How do you support different learning styles in your classroom?

  2. This is a chance for you to learn how your child is learning! Does their teacher instruct through lectures, project-based activities, digital instruction… or a combination of several? You may find it helpful to know that a recent study stated that 50% of kids learn by doing — that is, they are kinesthetic learners. Forty percent are visual learners, while only 10% learn best by listening.

  3. How do you assist students in learning organization and study strategies?

  4. Some kids have a natural ability to organize, understand their lessons, and plan for homework and studying, but others need guidance in understanding how to learn.

  5. What do you see as my child's strengths?

  6. It’s important to hear the teacher’s observations on what your child is good at so you can help build on those strengths. This question also provides the opportunity for you to broaden the perspective on how your child learns best.

  7. Does my child need extra help in a particular area?

  8. Early in the school year is a perfect time to learn if your child is falling behind in any areas because you have plenty of time to line up afterschool help or tutors or to put different learning strategies in place to help your child be successful in class.

  9. How is my child doing socially?

  10. Here you’ll want to gain insight into how your child gets along with classmates as well as adults. How does she work in a group setting and act in class? Are they able to build solid relationships with others? You may have insights worth sharing with your child’s teacher.

  11. What can I do at home to extend my child's learning?

  12. Are there ways the teacher can suggest how to support particular lessons or strategies of learning at home?

  13. What is the best way to get in touch with you?

  14. Find out if the teacher prefers emails, phone calls, or reciprocal written journals. Leave with the best way to contact the teacher so you can stay in touch about your child’s school experience.
A little preparation for a parent-teacher conference can go a long way to ensure you have a productive meeting and begin to build a working relationship with your child’s teacher that will last all year long. For more help to prepare for parent-teacher conferences, read, “Making The Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences."