Personality Presents

We all want to give that perfect gift - the one that is opened with pure excitement and received with squeals of delight, followed by fascination and hours of fun. Perfect gifts create treasured memories and are played with long after the paper and ribbons have been cleared away. As givers of such perfect gifts, we feel like super heroes who stir up excitement and make an ordinary day incredible.

But, where can we find the super hero powers that might enable us to see through the aisles of toys with x-ray vision or to masterfully choose the perfect product off the shelf? What if there was a guide to help us pick only the best products? Well, that help is as close as the children you're buying for and this can be your guide to understand them and to choose what kinds of toys will excite them and fill their days with joy.

As everyone easily recognizes, children have different personalities. Here are four personality types and a few matching Learning Resources products that may be perfect choices for each personality and that may turn you into a super hero for simply taking a closer look and seeing - with or without x-ray vision - how well they fit the needs and the interests of the particular child in your life.

Social Butterfly

Is your child the social butterfly? Is she a natural performer who enjoys taking center stage where ever she is? Does she tend to choose activities that let her spread her wings and be active and lively? Is imagination one of her strong suits? Does she make friends quickly and enthusiastically? Is she quick to laugh and have a good time? Does she gravitate towards being with others and feel bored quickly if alone? If so, take a look at these toys that speak to her imagination and allow her to play with others. They will provide her with the opportunities to use her strengths while presenting her with an underlying focus for creative thinking, play and learning.

Such children might grow up to be natural leaders or entertainers, and always the life of the party.

Deep Thinker

Is your child a deep thinker? Is he an analytical thinker who uses reason, evidence, logic, and explanations to make sure everything is perfect? Does he take pride in order and detail and think and plan before acting? Is he comfortable with a few close friends more than a large group or does he enjoy time alone? Does he like things a certain way? Is he a sensitive person who is influenced by emotion? Does he ask a lot of questions in order to fully understand something? Does he spend a lot of time on specific interests? If so, take a look at these toys that feed his deep thought process and challenge his analytical thinking. They will capture his interest while letting him delve deep into understanding the "how" and "why" of the play and learning.

Such children might grow up to be scientists, analysts or computer programmers.

People Pleaser

Do you have a people pleaser in your midst? Someone who is a rule follower who wants everyone to get along? Does she work best with specific instructions? Is she quiet and calm? Does she get jarred by unexpected twists and turns in life? Is she a really good listener who is quick to offer supportive feedback? Would she rather make others happy than satisfy herself? Are decisions difficult for her? Does she prefer predictable over surprise? Does she pay close attention to what others say and feel? Is she more comfortable following than leading? Does she avoid conflict at all cost? Does she keep her emotions to herself? If so, take a look at these toys that have predictable game play and that provide specific directions and flow. They will put her at ease while encouraging her to explore different ways to interact, process, and play.

These children might become chefs, architects, or work in a healthcare setting.

Pack Leader

Do you have a leader in your pack? Someone who is strong-willed and takes charge? Does he speak his mind? Is he tough and strong with thick skin? Does he seek thrills and competition to prove his strength and courage? Does he tend to challenge authority? Is he confident in his goals and how to achieve them? Does he enjoy new situations? Is he a fierce competitor who hates to lose? If so, take a look at these toys that add elements of adventure and unexpected outcomes, that encourage exploration and discovery, or that puts your competitor in charge. They will support his quest for excitement and further expand his world of knowledge.

These children often take on leadership roles, such as managers or supervisors or may find themselves in politics.