School may be out, but learning doesn’t have to be. Check out these ten summer toys that will keep your kids’ cognitive skills growing — whether they’re outside having fun in the sun, or enjoying a little quiet time inside on a rainy day.

Sunny Day Play

When the sun is out, it’s a great time for kids to get outside and start exercising their bodies… and their imaginations! As kids pretend, they’re really using creativity that helps them develop thinking and problem-solving skills. And as they run and play, kids develop strength, coordination, and motor skills. Check out these creative toys that are specially designed to get kids thinking — and moving!

Remember, physical activity not only helps kids develop and grow, it also helps them release endorphins that can reduce stress and increase their focus.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

When it’s raining and little ones are stuck inside, it’s the perfect time to encourage them to take a little break from all that high-energy play. These inside toys and activities are perfect for helping kids self soothe and regulate their own bodies and emotions. Plus, as summer begins to wind down, they can use rainy days to start getting ready for the upcoming school year!

  • Gears! Gears! Gears!® Build and Bloom Building Set is a tranquil, soothing activity that kids can use to mix, match, and create a spinning garden.
  • Tumble Trax™ Magnetic Marble Run lets kids build a marble track using straight and curved magnetic pieces. It explores gravity and provides an avenue for independent problem solving.
  • Teaching Cash Register helps kids pretend to play store keeper, while they learn math and money skills.
  • Readiness Kits include all the tools kids will need to prepare kids for a successful school year, from preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.
  • Readiness Games are board games that have educational properties but also include social skills, like turn taking and following directions.

Summer is full of exciting possibilities. Keeping kids happy, busy, and mentally and physically sharp is easy with a little bit of planning. That’s why we’re here for all your summer learning needs!

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