How is your school year going?

Summer days are turning to fall and school routines are steadily in swing. Late September is a good time to pause and reflect on your child’s educational and personal growth... and to work together with your child and his or her teachers to ensure that the year is off to a strong start!

Your child’s school may soon send progress reports home that give you a glimpse into how your child is doing.

As you review the progress report, here are some additional topics to reflect upon:

  • What activities can you do at home to build on classroom objectives?
  • Which assignments are easiest or most challenging?
  • What subjects does your child enjoy most? What does he or she struggle with?
  • How can you help your child build on a strong start to the year or address issues early?
  • How can you make homework time hassle-free?

During progress report time, and throughout the year, continue to talk with your child’s teachers to keep communication open. Also enlist their input on ways you can help at home to support consistency in your child's education, address troublesome areas, AND build on strengths.