The True Value of a Toy

The joy a toy brings to children is immeasurable. Every cell of their bodies sings with excitement. What they may not know is that joy reaches and expands into many areas of their life. The joy is the key to what opens the door to so much more. The same toy that immediately captures their attention provides secret features that impact them in more subtle but powerful ways. Toys enable kids to use the skills they have and to challenge their bodies and minds in the most interesting of ways. Toys magically bring about joy. Let that be the first of many gifts that come as a bonus to the toy you so carefully select. Here are a few of the bonuses kids experience when they are enthralled in joy and play.


Toys have a natural inclusive quality that encourages children and adults to play together. This opens the door to conversations, bonding and building strong relationships that will continue long after the toys have been put away.


Playing with toys offers repetition, which, in turn, leads to comfort and confidence. By being able to practice, children gain skills that lead them to push beyond their current levels. They internally challenge themselves, generating the confidence of knowing they can achieve anything. Plus, many toys have different levels of play. This helps children begin at a level that's right for their abilities and move up when they feel comfortable and confident to do so.


Don't underestimate the need to de-stress! School and work can be stressful situations. When you have a chance to let a child take a break and unwind with fun, jump on it! Play is the perfect way to help release muscle tension, taper temper tantrums, and decrease anxiety. Plus, play is fun and puts everyone in a good mood!

Skill Advancement

When children play with toys, they are figuring out how their hands and fingers work together. They think of unique ways to solve problems or create masterpieces. They develop their senses and use them to heighten their experience. They learn how to communicate with others. Language, cognition, motor skills, and emotional development are all impacted by play.

Motivation Play

is a wonderful vehicle for children to become self-motivated in their thinking and action. Learning new skills can be a challenge, but when introduced through play, skill development isn't work, but fun that results in children wanting to do more - play more, learn more. And that growth is promoted by the children, not driven by their parents, teachers, or therapists.

At Learning Resources we take tremendous pride in creating toys that bring joy to children - that encourage them to play together, build confidence in themselves, enhance skills that will help them in future academic and life success, and promote internal curiosity and wonder to continue to play and learn through their lifetime.

So the next time you give a child a gift, share the delight that you are giving much more than a toy. You are providing these secret features that impact a child in subtle, but powerful ways!