Summer is a time to relax, unwind, and soak up family time. Let us help you find the perfect toys to fill your summer with playtime fun that everyone can enjoy. Here are our top summer toys for kids of all abilities:

  1. Primary Science Outdoor Discovery Set provides the perfect way to help kids, who use wheelchairs or require stationary play, to experience the fun of planting. All accessories fit well on a wheelchair tray.

  2. Primary Science Leap & Launch Rocket provides kids with proprioceptive input from their bodies. That’s feeling the compression of their muscles and joints in an activity. This can help with focus and attention.

  3. Sensory Tubes let kids explore different textures and outdoor scents without having to touch them with their skin. Vented tops provide opportunities to smell cut flowers while solid lids can be used for sand, dirt or water.

  4. Primary Science Wow & Wonder Science Set includes a large-handled bubble wand. Make bubbles by using large arm movements or blowing, which develops the same muscles needed for speech.

  5. Jumbo Animals are large, easy to see and grasp with a whole hand.

  6. Bring the outside in with New Sprouts® Camp Out! and Grill It! All can be used indoors or for tabletop play.

  7. Smart Splash® line of toys can be used in a kiddie pool, or for children who require more stability, fill a shallow plastic tub with water for tabletop fun.

  8. Wild About Animals - Ready, Set, Roar! is an active game that can be played outside. The dice are large and the individual mats can be placed close together or farther apart to accommodate different abilities. And kids in wheelchairs can actively participate.

  9. Smart Toss™ Bean Bag Tossing Game is a great option for active play. Bean bags conform to a child’s hand and won’t roll out of reach!

  10. Primary Science Magnifier and Tweezers are jumbo in size and easy to hold to visually explore the great outdoors.

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