Changes in Temperature with Easi-Speak™

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Get Ready

  • Skills: Listening, Speaking, Observing, Gathering and Recording Data
  • Grades:1-2
  • Grouping:Individuals, Small Group
  • Time: 10-15 Minutes
  • Materials: Easi-Speak™, outdoor thermoneter

Try It!


  1. Use your school's outdoor thermometer, or mount your own to record the temperature outside the school. Model for students how to read the thermometer and record with Easi-Speak.
  2. Guide

  3. As part of your morning routine, have a student actas the Weather Reporter. The Weather Reporteruses Easi-Speak torecord himself or herself reading thethermometer and saying, Today is [day and date]. Thetemperature is ____. Have students make observations about the weather, such as it's hot today. We could go swimming.
  4. Have students play back the recording and write the temperature on the attached recording sheet. Have students record the temperature with Easi-Speak for five days. Then have each student create a bar graph to organize the data they collected and represent the temperatures for the week.
  5. Assess

  6. Ask students to discuss their observations abouttheir bar graphs. Prompt them with questions such as, Did the temperature change each day? If so, did it becomewarmer or colder? What type of clothing do students need to wear for the weather?
  7. Extend

  8. Take a walk around the schoolyard during different seasons of the year to observe and record changes in the trees that come with the different seasons. Have students listen to the Easi-Speak recording and draw pictures of their observations. Students compare drawings across seasons.