How Many Ways Can You Count?

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Get Ready

  • Skills: Listening, Speaking, Counting Up and Back, Counting to 100
  • Grades: K-1
  • Grouping: Small Groups
  • Time: 10-15 Minutes
  • Materials: Easi-Speak™

Try It!


  1. Practice counting aloud with a group of students. Demonstrate how to count and record your counting with Easi-Speak.
  2. Guide

  3. Give Easi-Speak to the group. Have students take turns counting up from 1 to 30 and back from 30 to 1 while recording their counting with Easi- Speak. Make sure each child records his or her name before starting to count.
  4. Then have each student count from 1 to 100 and record his or her counting.
  5. Assess

  6. Use the recording as documentation and assessment for a student's portfolio. Consider whether the student is able to count up and back from 1 to 30 and count up from 1 to 100. Add the audio recording to students' digital portfolios and use it to track students' progress over time. Email the recording to parents and caregivers as communication or a quick snapshot of their child's progress.
  7. Extend

  8. To extend the activity, have students count as high as they can and record their responses.