Name That Letter and Sound with Easi-Speak™

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Get Ready

  • Skills: Listening, Speaking, Alphabet and Phoneme Recognition
  • Grades: K-1
  • Grouping:Individual
  • Time: 10-15 Minutes
  • Materials: Easi-Speak™, foam, sandpaper, and/or magnetic letters

Try It!


  1. Work with individual students Arrange a variety of tactile letters, such as foam, sandpaper, and magnetic letters, on a table. Point to a letter and record the letter's name with Easi-Speak
  2. Guide

  3. Say a letter's name and ask the student to point to the correct letter, trace it with his or her finger, pick up the letter, and repeat the letter's name. The student records his or her name and responses with Easi-Speak.
  4. Then have the student practice making sounds, or phonemes, for letters. For example, tell the student to trace the letter s with his or her finger as he or she makes the /s/ sound. Have the student record his or her sounds.
  5. Assess

  6. Document and assess by downloading the recording for use in a student's portfolio. use the attached recording sheet to document whether students are able to identify letters and say phonemes. Use the attached recording sheet to assess a student's progress over time and for meetings with parents and resource teachers.
  7. Extend

  8. To extend the activity, challenge the student to name words that begin with the letter's phoneme, such as the /s/ sound, and use the words in sentences. Have the student record his or her responses with Easi-Speak.