Class Pet Studies with Luna™

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Get Ready

  • Skills: Recognizing diversity and adaptation
  • Grades: 3-4
  • Grouping:Small Group, Whole Class
  • Time: 10-15 Minutes
  • Materials: Luna™, Projector or TV, class pet, fish, or insect

Try It!


  1. Help students understand that animals can adapt many ways, from how they physically develop to how they behave. Reference your class pet or an insect you have safely placed in a container with holes and discuss how it lives and functions in its environment.
  2. Place the Luna in front of the cage or tank and focus on one pet. Capture video of the creature. Move the Luna to capture various views, such as top, side, and front.
  3. Guide

  4. Capture several minutes of footage then replay the footage for the class. Discuss with students that scientists often return from the field with documentation to study in a lab.
  5. Have students observe the footage and write their observations on paper. Question the students about how the creature functions within its environment. Guide the discussion toward natural adaptation to the environment.
  6. Assess

  7. Have students take pictures of the class creature with Luna, write brief observations about each picture, and create a slideshow presentation to share with the class.
  8. Extend

  9. Have students look for unique discoveries to share with the class; for example, if using an aquarium, observe the way a fish turns when it comes to another fish turns when it comes to another fish or any noticeable pattern in where a fish swims.