Luna™ Snap Cube Views

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Get Ready

  • Skills: 3-Dimensional perspective, Shape identification
  • Grades: 3-4
  • Grouping:Small Group, Whole Class
  • Time: 15-20 Minutes
  • Materials: Luna™, snap cubes, graph paper, colored pencils or crayons

Try It!


  1. Have a student come to the front of the room and face the class. Have students explain they are looking at a front view of the student. Discuss how what students see will change from a front to a side or back view.
  2. Guide

  3. Distribute the graph paper and colored pencils to the students. Build a simple shape out of a few snap cubes. Hold up the shape and show it to students. Explain that they will draw pictures of what they see for each different view of the snap cube shapes.
  4. Place the shape under Luna. Bend Luna down and show students a front view. Take a snapshot of the view. Have them color in squares based on what they see in the image presented by Luna. Have students label their drawings front view.
  5. Have students watch as you move Luna to the side of the shape. Students color in squares to match what they see and label the drawing. Repeat this process for several views, including the top.
  6. Have students pass around the snap cube shape and compare it to the corresponding views they generated on graph paper. Discuss their levels of accuracy.
  7. Assess

  8. Have students place their diagrams under the Luna, along with the snap cube shape. Students take snapshots of their drawings and the shape for assessment and documentation.
  9. Extend

  10. Have students make their own snap cube shapes and make slideshows using pictures or video clips taken with Luna. Have other students draw the views and try to recreate the shape on their own based on the views.