Luna™ Word Wall

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Get Ready

  • Skills: Spelling, Vocabulary, Content-area reading, Prior knowledge, Compare and contrast
  • Grades: 1-5
  • Grouping: Small Group, Whole Class
  • Time: 10-15 Minutes
  • Materials: Luna™, computer, index cards, foam alphabet letters, stick-on notes

Try It!


  1. Demonstrate for students how to use Luna.
  2. Guide

  3. Spelling: Have students develop a spelling strategy and use Luna to teach it to the class.Students write each word on a card andlead the class in a word sort or place scrambled foam letters on a table and challenge classmates to guess and spell the word.
  4. Reading Skills: Have students create their own word walls to record words they know about a topic. Use Luna to share students' word walls with the class. Compare and contrast the lists. Have students add words from the projected words to their own lists.
  5. Vocabulary: Use Luna to display a list of words. Give students cards with definitions for the words. Challenge students to work together to define each word or write a sentence with the term on the word wall.
  6. Content-area Reading: At the end of a unit have students create word walls on paper or with a computer. Use Luna to display each word wall and make a comprehensive class word wall.
  7. Assess

  8. Give specific feedback regarding how well a student demonstrated his or her knowledge of a subject. Photograph students word walls and add them to portfolios for conference time, or upload photos to your class website.
  9. Extend

  10. Encourage further reflection by using Luna to show the class a KWL (What I Already Know, What I Want to Know, What I have Learned) chart. Provide students with stick-on notes. Have students write their input on the notes and add them to the chart.