Adjectives Twist™

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Get Ready

  • Skills: Observation, Descriptive language, Adjectives, Vocabulary
  • Grades: K-3
  • Grouping: Small Group, Whole Class
  • Time: 10-15 Minutes
  • Materials: Twist™, computer, copy of Mouse Loves School by Lauren Thompson or another grade-level book with descriptive words, index cards, printer

Try It!


  1. Read Mouse Loves School by Lauren Thompson to the class. Read each description to the class without showing the illustrations. Encourage the class to guess what objects are being described by listening to the descriptive words, or adjectives. Reveal the illustrations after students have made guesses. Discuss how adjectives create a mental picture for readers.
  2. Guide

  3. Allow students to explore the classroom using Twist, viewing magnified images of different objects. Discuss how the magnified images differ from those we see with the naked eye. Have students use creative adjectives to describe these common objects.
  4. Have each student use Twist to take a magnified photo of a classroom object then print the photo. Have each student write a sentence about his or her photo on an index card using creative adjectives.
  5. Place the cards and photos in random order in a classroom center. Have groups of students work together to match the photos to the correct description.
  6. Assess

  7. Collect student sentences. Assess the sentences using the attached rubric. Download students' work to your computer and include it in students' digital portfolios or upload to your website to share with families.
  8. Extend

  9. Assign a student group to each season. Have students take photos with Twist of objects that are characteristic of each season, print the photos, and write descriptive sentences for each photo.
Thompson, Lauren(2011). Mouse Loves School. Simon Spotlight.