Compare with Zoomy™

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Get Ready

  • Skills: Comparison, Similes, Metaphors
  • Grades: 3-6
  • Grouping: Pairs, Whole Class
  • Time: 10-15 Minutes
  • Materials: Zoomy™, computer, a book that contains many examples of simile and metaphor

Try It!


  1. Read a book to the class that has many examples of simile or metaphor in the story. Compare and contrast simile and metaphor with the class.
  2. Guide

  3. Allow students to explore a category of objects using Zoomy. Students could explore fossils, shells, seeds, rocksor any artifact that is linked to a unit or topic the class is studying.
  4. Have students view an object withZoomy, then take aphoto and print it.Encourage studentsto think creativelyand write a simileor metaphor aboutthe object as they see it with Zoomy. Then have them write another simile or metaphor about the object as they see it without Zomy. For example, The seed is smooth as silk or The rock has craters like the moon.
  5. Place students' work in a center. Challenge teams of students to compare and contrast the two groups of similes and metaphors, those of objects viewed with and without Zoomy.
  6. Assess

  7. Use students' work to assess their abilities to develop similes and metaphors. Have the class develop a slideshow of the photos and similes and metaphors and share it at conference time.
  8. Extend

  9. Have students use Zoomy to create a figurative language webquest. Create a class seed collection and have students take photos of the seeds with Zoomy. Students find internet resources to correspond with the pictures. Have students combine pictures and resources into a seed web quest. Pairs of student complete one another's web quests.