Polygon Paths with Zoomy™

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Get Ready

  • Skills: Shape Identification
  • Grades: 1-4
  • Grouping: Small Group, Whole Class
  • Time: 10-15 Minutes
  • Materials: Zoomy™, Projector, geoboards, rubber bands

Try It!


  1. Provide students with geoboards and rubber bands. Explain to students that they will recreate the polygon you have on your geoboard using only what they see presented to them through the Zoomy.
  2. Set up a simple triangle on your geoboard, keeping it hidden from students view.
  3. Place the Zoomy lens over the rubber band and tell the students to watch carefully as you begin traveling along the rubber band.
  4. Have the students verbally identify angles, vertices, and line segments as they are displayed.
  5. Guide

  6. After completing a trip over the entire perimeter of the triangle have students try to recreat the same triangle on their geobaords.
  7. Repeat the activity using various other polygons. Then have pairs of students repeat the activity with each other.
  8. Assess

  9. As ongoing assessment for the group, have students hold up geoboards to determine which students are accurately identifying and recreating shapes. Have pairs of students self-assess as they work together.
  10. Extend

  11. Have students practice saying and spelling the names of the polygons created on the geoboards.