Help things "click" into place for your auditory learners!

Auditory learners learn best through listening and talking. They use their strong sense of hearing to process auditory information. They may require more verbal explanation or ask more questions to fully understand something. Auditory learners comprehend best by hearing information first. They can follow spoken directions well and home in on changes in verbal tone or sound effects.

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Dealing with time constraints becomes a fact of life, which is why learning to manage time effectively and efficiently is an important childhood skill. Getting dressed for school, managing school projects, doing chores around the house and completing homework assignments are all reflective of time management skills. Routinely running out of time while taking tests may signal there is an issue with time management skills.

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We are in speech therapy and I know he will eventually be able to communicate with his own words, but for now, these Talk Blocks give him a voice he doesn't yet have.

Sandy M., Mother of 8 year old Jaden who has speech delays, Chicago, IL

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