Kinesthetic learners are
bodies in motion!

Staying in motion allows children to use their body to effectively transmit information to their brains. Kinesthetic learners process learning through movement and feeling. These learners benefit from moving their bodies and activating muscles during a task. Unable to sit still, these learners will often, and sometimes literally, throw themselves into an activity.

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The more senses a kinesthetic learner uses, the better they retain new information. They react to textures and smells. Patting them on the back when they do well is a simple way to reinforce learning. Staying in motion allows their body to effectively transmit information to their brains, and allowing them to actively do something while learning will make the most of their particular learning style.

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Who knew that these Gators could open up my son's imagination and improve his manual dexterity? Two-handed play is so much better than two-handed “work.” Joey loves using the Gator Grabber Tweezers and Chops and Fred have challenged him positively to continue his physical development.

Melanie A., mother of 4 year old Joey who has physical delays, Chicago, IL

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