Skill Development

Skill Development refers to the way in which children learn, progress, and become able to accomplish more complex tasks in different areas of their lives. Reaching milestones in cognition, emotion, language and physical development are done in incremental steps.

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The Talk Boards give my son a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of confidence with reading and spelling!

Beckie E., Mother of 5 year old Dylan who has a speech impairment, Pigeon, MI

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Basic Concepts

Basic concept skills are the foundation for learning. They help children follow directions, participate and comprehend to be successful in performing everyday activities.

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"This set expands the concept of building blocks by making them multi-functional and creates a mental game as well."

Marcia H., Developmental Therapist, Bristol, IN


Children gain an understanding of life skills by imitating others and through hands-on exploration and practice. Some common self-help skills have to do with dressing, eating, and grooming.

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Social & Behavioral

Social and behavioral skills give children the ability to get along with others, act appropriately in different situations and make good choices to strengthen interpersonal relationships.

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"The tri-fold design of this school helps my son tune out the ambient hustle and bustle of the rest of the house and he can sit attentively and do more work."

Bradley T., Father of 7 year old Carson who has ADD

Product Alignment Guide

Download our product alignment guide to find the product that best matches your student's or child's need.

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Find special needs resources providing information and services for parents and teachers.

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