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From science and technology to engineering and math, these videos will help you find fun, real-world introductions to vital STEM subjects!

Preschool Coding Games @ Home with Amy Torf of Noggin Builders


The preschool learning fun never ends with tips and activities that help your little ones stay sharp and curious while learning at home!

DIY Spring Games

DIY Outdoor Coding Games

Fine Motor Fun with Scissors!

Financial Literacy: Chores and Saving


We’re parents too, and we’re ready to share examples and advice on how we get the most learning out of the learning toys we make!

Gears! Gears! Gears! at Home with Tom Runtz

1-2-3 Build It at Home with Liz Ganrude

Social Distancing with Learning Resources


Put a crafty spin on hands-on learning with these learning-filled DIY projects that help your kids master skills and make at the same time!

DIY Hands On Science

DIY Fly a Kite

DIY Color Changing Lemonade

DIY Earth Day

DIY Lacing Easter Eggs

DIY Clouds in a Jar

DIY Flying UFO

DIY Oreo Moon Phases

DIY Snowman in a Bottle

DIY Dino Fossils

DIY Solar Smores

DIY Ice Cream in a Bag

DIY Edible Soil Layers

DIY Crystal Rainbows

DIY Erupting Volcano

DIY Tornado in a Bottle

DIY Snow Storm in a Bottle

Gears Robot

Gears Traffic Light

Gears Windmill

Gears Tractor

Space Gears

Social Distancing with Learning Resources

Tax Day Facts

DIY Edible Sugar

DIY Dino Sensory Bin

DIY Elephant Toothpaste

Financial Literacy: Chores & Saving

Financial Literacy: Banking

Financial Literacy: Playing Restaurant

Financial Literacy: Counting Money

Financial Literacy: Going Shopping